Photo – 52

Let’s find someone to blame for our failures as a Nation.

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2 Responses to Photo – 52

  1. Emily Chernicoff says:

    of course, Karl (Marx) predicted all of this… as well as that this could be a revolutionary turning point. But we cannot know if it is for better or worse… or what it will look like.

    i looked up skittering. it’s delightful. is some or all of it Jody’s? Who started it! Did you take the Skitter stills? Splain, Ricky? : )
    Hope you have an easy fast, and an artful new year.!

  2. millervic says:

    All Jody – Idea and execution – Talent comes from all over to help her get the product out in just a few hours from the original Tweet. TWEETS MADE FUNNY.
    PIX BY ME Who else.
    Easy fast and a healthy New Year
    Donald Duck

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